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Our mission

CycleAI is on a mission to empower micromobility users for their safety through AI.

Every cyclist can use our Route Planner to either commute to work/school or travel longer distances. It is currently available as a web application, with its expected mobile version expected to be launched by the end of the year. The safest, balanced and quickest options are available to suit every user’s need at any particular moment.

The technology that powers the application is Bikeable, our AI model, which is able to create safety maps for every city in less than 1 week. The performance of the neural network is 75%, and we are constantly looking at ways to further improve it. Currently we have developed a state-of-the-art safety map in Lisbon, while the one for Prague is just weeks apart.

We invite everybody to contribute to further improving our maps by voting in the Perception Poll. The process is simple, just choose which image looks safer to you from the provided pair. One minute of your time will help creating better, safer safety maps!


Goal: 200


Goal: 1000

Hotspots Votes

Goal: 10,000

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Goal: 200,000

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  • Logo Timeline

    October 2020


    Luís and Miguel linked, brainstormed and decided to take action. Ended up drafting this ambitious project. CycleAI is born.

  • Crowdsources

    January 2021


    Hotspot Map and Perception Poll crowdsources released. Started generating data required by our safety calculator to train and validate its performance.

  • Bikeable

    April 2021


    For the first time, our perception calculator of cyclists’ risk - Bikeable - will be presented in the XVII Iberian Congress “Bicycle and City”.


Luís Rita

Luís Rita

Data Scientist (Co-Founder & CEO)

Miguel Sampaio Peliteiro

Miguel Sampaio Peliteiro

Medical Doctor (Co-Founder)

Tudor Codrin Bostan

Tudor Codrin Bostan

Software Engineer

Luisa Santos

Luisa Santos

External Communications

Beatriz Vizoso

Beatriz Vizoso

MSc Thesis Data Science

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